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Something Wicked This Way Comes A Carnival Rolls In Sometime After The Midnight Hour On A Chill Midwestern October Eve, Ushering In Halloween A Week Before Its Time A Calliope S Shrill Siren Song Beckons To All With A Seductive Promise Of Dreams And Youth Regained In This Season Of Dying, Cooger Dark S Pandemonium Shadow Show Has Come To Green Town, Illinois, To Destroy Every Life Touched By Its Strange And Sinister Mystery And Two Inquisitive Boys Standing Precariously On The Brink Of Adulthood Will Soon Discover The Secret Of The Satanic Raree Show S Smoke, Mazes, And Mirrors, As They Learn All Too Well The Heavy Cost Of Wishes And The Stuff Of Nightmare.

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    I read this when I was an insanely romantic teenager and since then the cruel world has beaten all that nonsense out of my brain with bars of iron and wires of barb, and left me bleeding and barfing in a vile ditch, so I should probably not have plucked my old

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    Mark Twain famously died in 1910 and Ray Bradbury was born ten years later in 1920 And on that day, the shadow of Samuel Clemens touched a mark on the baby s head, and nearby the shade of Charles Dickens looked on in approval.Bradbury is the bridge to our past, our brig

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    The Ray Bradbury I remember reading decades ago was not this poetic Something Wicked was a surprise, his evocative language doing so much to capture the mood of early fall and the seasons of life, both literally and metaphorically Clearly, he loves words in their many forms Equal

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    The carnival has come to town I have to admit I love the movie than the book because, well, I enjoy watching the creepiness I think I need to dig the movie out now and watch it Jim and Will are two young boys that are drawn into the carnival and they try to help stop the evil Creepy good

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    By the pricking of my thumbs, something wicked this way comes. MacBeth Act 4, Scene 1This book is straight forward good vs evil and is quite terrifying at points It goes beyond fantasy and mysticism and straight to the terrifying possibilities from the darkest reaches This would be a great s

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    Something Wicked This Way Comes by Ray Bradbury is a 1998 Avon publication originally published in 1962.I can t believe it is already October, but at the same time, I m glad it s here October is one of my favorite months of the year One reason for that is that I get to pull out a spooky or scary book and crea

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    Beware the autumn people A travelling carnival arrives in a small midwestern town one day in October, resulting in a nightmarish experience for two 13 year old boys.Do you like coming of age tales Do you like beautifully written prose Do you like your stories to invoke stunning autumnal imagery whilst whisking you away

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    Leveling any complaints against Bradbury seems like a literary crime, but I m afraid I didn t enjoy Something Wicked as much I feel like I should have The plot was really interesting, and right up my alley evil carnival comes to town and preys on the unsuspecting citizens The execution, however, left me wanting .The first proble

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    Have a drink I don t need it, said Halloway But someone inside me does Who The boy I once was, thought Halloway, who runs like the leaves down the sidewalk autumn nights. When Ray Bradbury was a boy of 12, he paid a visit to a carnival in his home town It was there that he saw a performer, Mr Electrico, sitting in an electric cha

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    As I write it has been about a week since Ray Bradbury passed away, as you can expect for such an influential author, numerous tributes are being written by famous authors, celebs, columnists, and of course fans Instead of adding another drop to the ocean of tributes I would rather pay my own little tribute through rereading and reviewing my favori

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