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Persuasion Twenty Seven Year Old Anne Elliot Is Austen S Most Adult Heroine Eight Years Before The Story Proper Begins, She Is Happily Betrothed To A Naval Officer, Frederick Wentworth, But She Precipitously Breaks Off The Engagement When Persuaded By Her Friend Lady Russell That Such A Match Is Unworthy The Breakup Produces In Anne A Deep And Long Lasting Regret When Later Wentworth Returns From Sea A Rich And Successful Captain, He Finds Anne S Family On The Brink Of Financial Ruin And His Own Sister A Tenant In Kellynch Hall, The Elliot Estate All The Tension Of The Novel Revolves Around One Question Will Anne And Wentworth Be Reunited In Their Love Jane Austen Once Compared Her Writing To Painting On A Little Bit Of Ivory, 2 Inches Square Readers Of Persuasion Will Discover That Neither Her Skill For Delicate, Ironic Observations On Social Custom, Love, And Marriage Nor Her Ability To Apply A Sharp Focus Lens To English Manners And Morals Has Deserted Her In Her Final Finished Work.

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    One of the major sources of contention and strife in my marriage is the disagreement between my wife and me over what is the best Jane Austen novel yes, we are boththan a bit geekish in our love of words and literature our second biggest ongoing quarrel is about the merits of the serial comma For my money, there are three of Aus

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    Jane Austen never disappoints me This was the first time I ve read this book, and, since it s one of her less popular novels, I didn t know what to expect However, I quickly was swept up into the story and felt all of Anne s emotions like they were my own I really enjoyed how, unlike the other Austen novels I ve read, this one focuse

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    I want to share something with you It s a long story and while it might initially seem irrelevant to this book, I assure you there is a point to it.Are you sitting comfortably Then I shall begin.During the summer of 2008 my bestie and I were preparing to go to university When it was time to move into our halls we had to hire read my dad d

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    Jane Austen is ruthless and brilliant she is sarcastic, subtle and superbly witty She writes in such a matter of fact way that the absurdity of her characters is in plain sight Sir Walter Elliot is a complete fool Austen doesn t need to tell her reader this, she shows it to them The man is completely bankrupt, but he completely refuses to cut

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    Currently free on Kindle Enjoy is Persuasion according to the dictionary Persuasion is something meant to get you to do or accept something as true If you re not sure you want to go or do something, your friend might use persuasion to talk you into it DO you not love the old classics novels or learningabout the background like when a book was publi

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    4.5 starsI was nervous that the hype surrounding Jane Austen would make this book seem subpar to me I m not a huge reader of classics a fact i m working on rectifying so when I wasn t very much enjoying the first two chapters, I got nervous But as soon as I pushed through to the heart of the storyline, I began to crave in class discussions over this boo

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    It s a worrisome affair if you have to plod through an Austen work all the while unsuccessfully battling the urge to slapthan half of the central characters And this comes from someone who is well accustomed to Austen s often whiny, vain, and hilariously self deluded characters who serve as comedy gold and tools of subtle social commentary But somehow in thi

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    Dear Miss Austen,Ummm Anne Elliot is past her youth and bloom Heh She is MY AGE Scratch that she is younger than me Basically, get off my lawn, kids I mean it..In all seriousness, this is the first Jane Austen book that does not feature a pretty and charming teenager looking for a perfect match in a cultured and rich gentleman Instead, her protagonist Anne Elliot

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    Are second chances possible Readers of this marvelous book by Jane Austen her last completed, will find outAnne Elliot, 19, tense and insecure, had broken an engagement to Frederick Wentworth, 23, the family objected to the poor sailor, with no apparent prospects, her father Sir Walter Elliot, baronet, a proud man with a luxury loving streak, his late wife, had kept h

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    I must go, uncertain of my fate 4.5 stars I love Jane Austen, and I love the plot of Persuasion Two people who loved each other deeply and parted badly, meeting again after eight years apart Everything seems to combine to prevent their ever being able to come to an understanding again his bitter feelings, her faded looks mostly through unhappiness she s only 28 or 29 , oth

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