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The origins of the anglo-saxons : The new ancestral story A Lot Of Technical Information To Convey, But Jean Manco Does So With Flair Current Archaeology Jean Manco Has A Driving Critical Curiosity, And The Ability To Absorb Vast Amounts Of Information Without Being Overwhelmed British Archaeology Jean Manco Is A Phenomenon She Sieves The Swirling Murk Of Academic Specialisms Linguistics, Literature, Genetics And Archaeology To Extract The Gold David Miles, Former Chief Archaeologist, English Heritage, And Author Of The Tribes Of Britain Manco S Books Read Like The Work Of A Dynamic And Talented Young Researcher, Energised By The Discoveries Of Genetics And Their Potential For Casting Light On History This New Book Is Another Admirable Work Both Authoritative And Well Written David Miles, MinervaTruly Inspirational Family TreeAn Enjoyable Primer On England S Beginnings Beautifully Illustrated, With Clear Charts And Useful Bulleted Summaries At The Close Of Each Chapter, It Marks An Illuminating Legacy Church Times Manco Was Ahead Of Her Time She Has Absorbed A Great Deal Of Contemporary Research And Presented A Readable Story Reaching Back Into The Ice Age British ArchaeologyThis Highly Readable, Illustrated Account Is Essential Reading For Anyone Wanting To Keep Up To Date With The Most Recent Understanding Of The Identity Of The Anglo Saxons And The Ancestry Of The English Timeless TravelsImpressively Wide Ranging A Fitting Tribute To Manco S Ability To Master A Range Of Periods, Subjects And Materials And Produce A Readable, Informative And Entertaining Account Of The Past British Museum MagazineWho Are The English Their Language And Culture Have Had An Impact On The Modern World Out Of All Proportion To The Size Of Their Homeland But What Do We Really Understand About Their Ancestry Traditionally They Have Been Seen As The Descendants Of Those Germanic Peoples Who Poured Into Britain After The Roman Legions Departed, Today Known As The Anglo Saxons Alternative Interpretations Have Questioned This Picture, Or Suggested Complications At Last, The Astonishing Progress Made In Extracting And Analysing Ancient DNA Means That Theories Can Be Tested Empirically, Shedding New Light On The Movement And Migrations Of Peoples In The Past Skilfully And Accessibly Blending Together Results From This Cutting Edge DNA Technology With New Research From Archaeology And Linguistics, Jean Manco Reveals A Long And Adventurous Journey Before A Word Of English Was Spoken Going Beyond A Narrow Focus On The Anglo Saxon Period, She Probes Into The Deep Origins Of The Germani And Their Kin, And Extends The Story To The Language Of Shakespeare, Taken To The First British Colony In America The Result Is An Exciting New History Of The English People, And A Ground Breaking Analysis Of Their DevelopmentTable Of ContentsPrologue How The Anglo Saxons Saw Themselves The Germani The Long And Winding Road Travel, Trade And Bronze The Iron Cradle Of Germanic The Haves And The Have Nots Anglo Saxon Arrivals Embracing Christianity Forging A Nation The Rise Of The English

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